Friday, August 8, 2008

back around again

First, one of the best videos I've seen this year.

Now, let's recap a couple of weeks of stuff here, so that you can be up to speed on my life and business and all.

We hired a PR firm, Release PR. We've sent out 3 press releases, and sent out a ton of product samples. It's been right exhausting.

Let's see.

Went to Atlantic City with my girl Karen, and played 3-card poker at the behest of Crotchety. Won $300. Made the trip worthwhile.

It was our birthday weekend. My birthday was Sunday, the 3rd. Her's was the 31st of July. We had fun. The trip down was a joke. We spent almost 4 hours on the bus, when it should have been about 2.5 hours. Got to The Taj, went to get our vouchers cashed in (casinos give vouchers for visitors who come by bus), and they wanted Karen to get a card to get her money. What a joke.

Not the nicest thing, but after our trip, I had zero patience. We were there to play a 4pm poker tournament, and were running late.

Got to Harrah's and the line for checking in, ON A SUNDAY, was over 100 people. It took an hour just to get to the check in desk. By that time, the tournament was already under way. That sucked.

From there it was gambling and fun. They upgraded our room at Harrah's, which was nice.

Coming home, the bus basically flew all the way.

I'm at the store, listening to the most horrible music imaginable, bored out of my mind.

Someone please write me a comment so I have something to break the monotony.



Anonymous said...
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John Painz said...

thanks for the wake up. I suppose I was punchy.

Da Old Man said...

The video was hysterical. Congrats on the win in AC. Be prepared to get tons of free offers for the next 6 months.

AmyOops said...

Hey how are you? Ready for faye? so glad i'm not in fl anymore..

This Brazen Teacher said...

Fabulous video! Like your blog- and glad you stumbled onto mine, so I could do the same. :-D