Monday, April 28, 2008

tibit #1

"Oh god, smell this one." customer #1

"Christ, smells like grandma." customer #2

"Yeah, I can't believe it. And look, it's called Mix and Mingle. I wouldn't mingle with this on." customer #3

"You've mingled? I'm surprised you were able to leave the house, looking like a tent." me.*


"I don't see any." customer #1

"Yeah, no aloe vera lotion." customer #2

"We have some right here." me - showing customers the lotion.

"Oh, great. My daughter burned her skin in the sun today." customer #1

"Ok, well, how old is she, because we have some nice fun fragrances." me

"Thirteen." customer #1

"Ok, well, we have Berries and Cream," me.

Customer smells it, puffs her mouth out like she's going to throw up, and makes a sick noise. I look at her. She looks back.

"That wasn't very nice of me, was it." customer #1

"No, it wasn't. Get out of my store before I make you eat this." me*.



* comments were not actually said, but thought. Everything else is pretty much verbatim, and that's just today.

I don't understand how, when people leave their respective homes, how their manners go right out the window. Ever been to a friend's house and there's that one person who decides that it's ok to not only be THE pain in the ass, but think that they're right for doing it?

Who teaches these people manners?

Anyway, I should point out that most customers, even the ones that just walk around and don't say hello back and what-not, they are still on good behavior.


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