Friday, July 4, 2008

anyone seen Wall•E yet?

I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed the message, I enjoyed the animation, the story, the characters, I really liked it a lot. I haven't been disappointed in a Pixar film yet.

Read this comment about something that happened during the making of the film. It's really very sweet.

The film has been picking up a lot of flack. From people who are upset about it's pro-green message, to fat people who think they are being unfairly portrayed.

I'm 34 years old. I'll be 35 in a month or so. I think that when I finally reached my 'adult' years, I was smack at the beginning of the PC rage.

I wonder when morals and deeper messages about the prospective plight of humans turned into lies we shouldn't tell our children. When did we start coddling our present?

Such a shame. The morals of Wall•E are far reaching. We keep making mistake after mistake. And these people who are upset about the message in this film are happy with the status quo. Those are the people who should be ashamed. Of themselves.

Such a shame.

It's a brilliant movie, and worth seeing in the theaters.

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