Tuesday, July 8, 2008

so many things

First off, I'm not working the retail store, but once a week. Takes a lot of the steam out of retail hell-ish, but eh, what's in a name.

I'm sure the world of retail has not left me permanently. Which is a shame.

Secondly. Put in my 60 days notice to get the hell out of here. I have mixed feelings. I'm sure you can understand. It's not leaving. It's not the culture shock I'm bound to experience in the great city. It's leaving my family. Blech. Haven't had to do that in seventeen years.

Third. I'm exhausted. We've been busting our asses trying to get a new fall line of soaps ready, on top of the Christmas line. We've sent out over 15 packages to different magazines, newspapers and more. We have another 10 to go, not to mention the second release hits next week. Who knows what that will bring.

Fourth. I've been working out, every other day, for over a month now. And I can see a huge difference. Not so much weight wise, but I can see more mass, more muscle. It's hot. Seriously. I get home, I can't wait to take off my shirt and go all Hulk (tm) in the mirror, you know?

Then I sit down, and half an hour later I'm in so much pain, I just sleep on the couch.

But still. HULK!

Fifth. Looks like Karen and I are driving up to NY. Or maybe Karen is driving. I'll be navigating, which means doing nothing.

Unless I get my driver's license soon, and I don't think that driving the east coast is a good starters lesson.

Sixth. I put in Death Race 2000 to watch, and was really enjoying it, and then the dvd cut out on me, unfortunately. That movie is a lot of fun. And Tak Fujimoto did the photography! Who'd have thought that?

Tak is the genius behind a TON of blockbuster films like Silence of the Lambs, The Sixth Sense, Signs, older stuff like Ferris Bueller's Day Off, That Thing You Do!, and a lot more.

Many years ago, my dad used to take my sister and I to Lake George, in upstate NY. There were two or three amusement parks up there, and we used to hit them all. I remember one was Magic Forest, there was another one, but the one we always went to, practically every day, was Great Escape.

Before it was purchased by Six Flags, it was this regular, rural park, with rides and games, a saloon and all these fun shows, like magicians and comedians and all.

But the coolest thing they had. Beyond cool. Was the car museum.

And it wasn't just one place. These cars were all over the park.

And they were all the cars from Death Race 2000.

Man. I can still see them, all. Anyway, I did a search and couldn't really find them there any more. Some exec probably said "What the hell are these things, get rid of them."

Which is something execs do.

Hope you're all well. I'll keep you posted on my NY trip back home as things progress.


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Kat said...

hope you have fun in NY