Friday, July 11, 2008

Ride the Snake

Is everybody in?

Is. Everybody. In?

2 customers, thus. Friday, 2:45pm.

I'm watching Oliver Stone's ham handed vision of The Doors. Kilmer was, of course, a perfect casting choice. But god, Stone loves to hammer those images into you.

I loved Natural Born Killers. I went with my then girlfriend Trissa, who, afterward, would not talk to me for three hours.

His earlier work is good. I'm not sure what to think of his new film W.

I also have Apocalypse Now. Some more light viewing.

Tired today. No stupid customers to write about, which is a shame, since they've always filled my entertainment quota for the day.

Exhausted, even. Not sure why. I changed my blog roll. Good sites, all.

Bradley, if you're reading, I hope things are going well with the weight loss. I've consistently been working out, but I've only lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks. I guess it's true what they say*.

This weekend will be relaxing and possibly going to see a movie, biking around a bit, trying to beat the heat. Putting into effect the plans for my escape from Florida.

I need comments from people. I need to know how people are doing. Beyond their blogs. At this moment.

* I have no idea what they say.

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Kat said...

Hey you, I am sitting in my house and I am dying from heat exhaustion, my air went out and won't be fixed till Monday or Tuesday it sucks , other than that everything is ok