Wednesday, June 25, 2008

ah, Florida, I will never forget you


Since February 1st, 2008, I have been diagnosed with the following:

Severe depression*

Multiple Personality Disorder*

Bi-polar disorder*

Restless Leg Syndrome*



And a whole bunch more phobias that you've never ever heard of.

Like Phallophobia. Shudder.

It looks like, after having receiving a nice laundry list of problems from numerous specialists, that I will be leaving the prison of Florida.

When is up for debate, but any light at the tunnel is still a light... at the...

We'll see how it goes. I'm not too keen on just leaving my mom and my sister to flounder without help. My main concern is for their stable financial future, and if I'm not on the payroll, that will help them.

Those of you who feel like helping promote the Soapier brand, I will be starting an affiliate program through our shopping cart. We're offering 20% of sales to affiliates, which I think it a great percentage. More soon, it should start July 1st.

Other than that, things are things. I just had some woman come in and tell me she's a massage therapist and that she uses our massage oils for her customers.

"Oh, that's great. We have only had like one or two serious health problems with them, so that's good."

They looked at me... man, it was hysterical. I told them I was kidding. They laughed, we talked a bit. The father gave me some money for some soap, said keep the penny.

I said thanks, it'll go towards our pending lawsuits.

I'm such a funny guy.

* I have not been diagnosed with any of these disorders.


And no, I'm not afraid of erect penises, sheesh. At least, not my own.

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