Wednesday, June 18, 2008

fun stuff

I figured I would have a nice uplifting post after my Stan Winston tribute.

But I can't think of anything funny to say.

Yesterday, instead of working at the store, I helped art direct the new series of photos we shot for the Soapier website and catalog.

I was exhausted after that.

Ended up playing poker on full tilt poker with Karen last night. We both made it to the final table in a 90 person tournament. That was fun.

But not funny.

Let me tell you about soap on a rope. I'm not sure if I did talk about this, but it's a small store and sooner or later my tales will overlap.

A father, a mother and their son come in to the store. And they have a nice look around.

The son comes upon our soap-on-a-rope. It's neopolitan. Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Very nice.

"What is this?" - son

"Soap on a rope." - father

"That's stupid."

"Well," the father says looking at me. I'm smiling. "see, soap on a rope was made for men in prisons."

The son looks at him. He's young. 10, 11.




"Well, because" clears throat "because men in prison don't want to drop their soap."


I'm laughing. The mom is shaking her head. The father is trying not to laugh.

There was no punchline because I think the kid would have had nightmares for a month, and would have ended sodomizing the family dog when he was older.

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