Friday, June 6, 2008

strength, in two of its numerous forms

I try to keep this blog light. So you'll excuse me for this bit of heavy handedness.


I cannot remember how in the hell I found this guy's page, but I'm glad I did.

His name is Drew and he's got a lot of good things to say.


Here's another thing I found over at In two parts. One. Two.

I continue to be inspired.

By a smaller and smaller portion of the world population.

But, inspired none-the-less by people who are compelled to do what is right.

I choke on the apathy of the majority.

I talk about having little to no patience for people. If you read some older posts you'll see some of my dislike for customers, politicians, criminals and Florida.

It's important for people to know that when I say 'people', I mean most people. I don't like to say 'most people' because the fact is that I'm probably not perturbed with about 20% of the country. The rest I could do without.

Ok, ok. 22%.

Of course, all my readers... in that 22%.


OK! It's not 22%. Christ, it's probably 51%.

That's still most, you know!

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G8rBryan said...

Hey John.
Thank you for the post.
I noticed that you're in Tarpon Springs. I use to go there when I lived in Tampa. Would charter a boat and go fishing for the day, come back, visit the local shoppes and end the day eating at Pappas'. Loved their food.