Thursday, June 12, 2008

Soapier's first contest is over

Well. My first title was going to say "Soapier's first contest was a big F-You to me"... but I decided against it.

I publicized this contest on 16 different contest sites. It was picked up by 1 (only because it was a message board), and I can tell you exactly why. It wasn't the prize. It wasn't the kind of contest. It was because I didn't spend $5 to get the premium listing. These sites offer FREE contest listings, and they didn't do it.

People who did see the contest could have won a $30 gift certificate to Soapier. That's like 6 bars of great soap.

All they had to do was take a picture.

So, it's hard not to come to the conclusion that people are just inherently lazy and don't want to do more than veg out, regardless of whether it's in front of their tv or computer with their boxer shorts hanging open just in case there's a lingerie ad on a site they're visiting that ISN'T porn...

I ran that contest for a solid month. 1 month. I had one person ask me a question about it and three people comment about the cat in my sample photo.

That's it.

Hey, it saved me and my company $90. Next time I'll have to have a contest that says "If you can drool, you can win some soap... although chances are, you don't know what soap is. All you have to do is click this button and you're automatically entered to win something. We're not sure what that 'something' is, but do you really care?"

Forgive my frustration, but it's 95 degrees outside and I HAVE to keep my door open because people can't read our big sign outside that says SOAPIER. They need to smell all the lovely fragrances. So I have to keep the AC at 82, so we don't have a $400 electric bill.

I'm sweating in my own store in the hopes I get two customers today.

Death to Florida. Why can't I have a shop in Alaska, where people are more inquisitive? I mean, christ, they have to be! All those windows are snowed up, for god sake.


K-Bot said...

New York wishes you the best., and misses you when you're gone. Hang in there, people are dropping like flies here, and the Subways smell like the dead come to life! You should franchise Soapier products to the newsstands under 59th street, people would buy a bar just to avoid smelling the homeless guy next to them. I think I'll email Vince Locke, have him whip up a sketch for you, Zombie, nice little soap bar around his neck, all the people around him clustering closer to get a whiff!

Thinkinfyou said...

I'm sooo sorry. I did mean to enter...but the picture I had was cute not funny. The first time I read the contest rules I misread the funny part. My bad!

John Painz said...

hahah, K, nice. I hope things are going well with you and the new home and all! I'm looking forward to getting back to NYC!!

@thinkinfyou - hey, send me the photo! john (@) and I'll send you a bar of soap of your choice! - J

Melisa Sriwulandari said...

Hi, I saw these in my blog reader today, and I thought of your blog.
Anyway, I thought it can be a source of an idea for you. Copying marketing ideas from competitors is always a good idea right?

Anyway, hope that helps.

Da Old Man said...

I was going to enter the contest, but all I had was those little hotel soap bars. And you can imagine how that would turn out. Old fat guy, tiny bar of soap gets stuck in all kinds of crevices. Basically, you'd just get a picture of an old fat guy with soap bubbles coming out of his butt. Not what anyone needed to see, I assure you.

John Painz said...

@melissa - thanks! I'll definitely check those out.

@crotchety, email me your address, I'll get you out a bar of soap of your choice. - J