Sunday, June 22, 2008

Archery, raining and where the hell is Matt?

First off, a video:

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

So awesome. From Where The Hell Is

Had a nice weekend. Here's a 15 second clip of my recording Karen shooting a composite bow.

Sorry it's a bit poor quality, but we went to a neat archery place in Tarpon Springs, had a blast. I didn't use the composite bow too much because I basically thought it was cheating. So I used a fiberglass bow. The guy who owns the place strung a wood bow together, and it was AWESOME.

My new hobby.

It poured like a crazy person here. For two whole days we've had rain, and that hasn't happened in over 3 months. The pond out front of our complex was drying up, as was one down the block. I was very thankful we had the rain, as were the duckies and turtle I've seen, I'm sure.

So, I had a MAJOR anxiety attack yesterday, right? Freaking out, I'm in the middle of cooking, I can't calm down, I'm eating food, drinking vitamin waters.

Finally it subsides, but I spend the rest of the day thinking I'm going to puke just from all the adrenaline.

Karen goes "I wasn't worried, that's why I didn't get off the couch."

It was pretty funny.

"There's nothing wrong with you. I didn't get off the couch because how severe your condition was."

We laughed about that.

Then I punched her in the face!

She's headed back to NYC. I'm tired. We made brownies. I ate too many.

And now, after all that, we're having a competition to see who can lose the largest percentage of weight between now and when I go up to NYC for our birthdays (her's is July 31st, mine August 3rd). So, I have to purge all the brownies (thank god there's only one left) and continue working out.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

i just found that video too (on digg or something?) I loved it. so happy. hee.

your blog makes me happy too, so funny!

K.C. said...

Just proving that you can dance and be inspired anywhere, in any setting...I am so glad that I came in here. I watched that video three times. I smiled all the way through.. Loved it.. Kayce

K.C. said...

I watched this video over and over and I can't get it out of my head . It may be the best one on the blogging scene to me... Kayce