Saturday, June 21, 2008

The importance of exercise

Now, I can go on about how healthy I feel, how less depressed I am, how I've taken exercise and turned it into a hobby rather than a chore.


No, no, no.

What I'm going to tell you is WHY I'm exercising. For some, it will be a surprise. For others, well, I'm sure they'll empathize.

I will not, under any circumstances, die while having sex.

I won't do it.

So, there you go.

I just came back from seeing Get Smart with Karen, who's down from NYC for the weekend, and I have just got to say that every single theater, everywhere, has got its talkers and obnoxious laughers and just all around morons, because tonight I did not enjoy the movie as much as I would have, had I not had an ENTIRE ROW of awful laughers and talkers behind me.

Oh man.

We looked at each other a few times whenever something really obnoxious was guffawed or spit out of their mouths. I'm constantly amazed, as I get over, the people who feel they need to say something at the most obvious times. Not just in the movies, but outside, in the real world as well.

As Chuck Palahniuk wrote in Lullaby, these quiet-a-phobics. These noise-a-holics.


Now I'm making brownies. We're having brownies, salt & vinegar kettle chips and wine. It's not cosmopolitan. It's just a delicious combination.

Tomorrow we're going to hit the archery range. Can't wait for that.

Hope you're all having a good weekend.

J - retail hell (ish)

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