Thursday, June 19, 2008

my gay NYC subway story

You asked for it. I got about two dozen emails asking me for this story.

Actually, I got no emails. I got one comment. From this old guy who yells at cars. And he commented because he's got his own subway story.

So here goes. The dueling banjos of subway stories. And I hate dueling banjos. When my neighbor plays it.

This story, btw, is not for kids. I'll keep the curse words down to a minimum... ok, actually, that's a lie. I can't do that.

Christ, I'm sitting here and saying to myself "Don't post this story. For god sake, man, your MOM reads this."

Mom. Stop reading.

Ok, you know what? Seriously, NOT the place for this post. I'm not trying to build this up, but I'll let you go read it here. Deals with gays, sex and a lot of... information. But it's very funny.

You've been warned.


1 comment:

K-Bot said...

Bwaahh...... What happens if your Mom DOES read this story and goes "Was he rich?" "Does he own his own house?" "Would you adopt children?"