Sunday, May 4, 2008

Doesn't this take skin off?

That was a question I got today about our sugar scrubs.

"Yes, this is our new line of hydrochloric acid. It comes in the following fragrances."

I had one guy come in with his girlfriend... she was really digging the soaps, but couldn't decide. His contribution to the conversation?

"You can buy one if you want to."

Is that sentence just the pinnacle of passive aggressive tendencies? You really have to read it right.

Tone: skeptical, picture shrugging.

"You can buy one... IF you want to." Followed by a sigh that indicates the end of the world.


I saw this, and had to share.

2.15 hours left until I can leave my post. I think tonight I will have to have some wine. To take the edge off. You know.

In marketing news, we signed up for click2sell as an affiliate program. We'll see how it goes.



lawrencevon said...

penguins are evil! hehehe... :P

Robin said...

I just bought a peppermint sugar scrub a few days ago. It smells so good I could just eat it. I've been using it like crazy, washing my hands it, whatever...and I miraculously still have skin. Ah...the passive agressive mate. Only amusing if you aren't married to one. Nice blog you have here. I have a friend who makes soaps. You have some beautiful designs. Have a nice day:)