Tuesday, May 27, 2008

strange customers

So, I'm sitting here minding my own business... oh god, the puns, the puns.

And this trio of women come in. They go around and giggle and smell soaps.

"What happens if I bite one of the soaps?" customer 1 asks.

"You buy it," I say. Giggles all around.

So she comes over to the table and grabs this plastic duck filled with bath gel and says to her friends that "Hey, this is what those breast implants feel like, you know, the ones at our desk when we talk to customers."

So I say "Umm, you tele-market breast implants?"

"No. Well yes. But mainly penile implants. You know, to make them bigger. You want the website?" customer 1.

"Not that you need it." Customer 2. "You know, if you have a friend."

"Ah, well, the last time I saw any of my friends naked, we were all 5 and we all needed implants."

Another friend comes in. "What's going on?"

"They're trying to tell me I need a bigger penis." me.

"I try so hard, but I can't take them anywhere."

"It's ok, this'll be a funny story I tell my mom."

This isn't the site (they told me the site, but the part of my brain that tells me everything is fine and dandy down there blocked it out) but I can't stop looking at some of these pictures.

A couple of pictures.

OK, really just specific pictures, jeez.

Today wasn't a bad day at the shop, and it's not over. 3:30, two hours left. Almost made our break even quota for the day.

Last season of Buffy. I can't wait to stop watching this, so I can talk to you guys about actual movies.

And I have to put this here for some SEO - retail hell-(ish) - blech.

Thanks for stopping by. More later, or tomorrow.

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