Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I can't take it

It's becoming a daily occurrence. Women come in, they sniff soap fragrances, they make icky faces, and they leave.

Now... I'm at my boiling point people. I really am.

These women came up to our demonstration table and the only thing that lit them up was the chocolate sugar scrub. I mean, we're talking drooling.

Every other one "God, I don't know what it is, but I don't like these fragrances. I'm going to pass."

"Me too."

So then, after getting me up to help them with the demonstration, they start talking to me, asking me what happened to the Peruvian shop that was here before we were.

"Oh, she got deported. They said she was into some white slavery thing. Big deal, in all the newspapers.*"

I thought they were going to have low blood sugar attacks and start eating the scrubs.

On top of all this, on their way out "God, those were really bad smelling, I don't know how they could sell those."

I'm seriously ready to do some more Al Pacino wavs... but I'm gonna spare you.

I'll leave you with this one instead.

It's basically how I feel.


* I told them I was kidding, but I really wanted to just stay Mr. Serious. Guess something got the better of me.


Christina said...

John, your sense of humor is priceless! I can appreciate where you're coming from, actually...I work in a K-Mart, on the 'Replenishment Team', and humor really helps!! Finished reading this post at least ten minutes ago and I'm still laughing...thanks alot!!!

Chris Bolmeier said...

John, You're really funny and I understand your frustration. Good smelly things are hard to sell, not that bad smelly things are hard to smell. Women are notorious for looking and not buying unless it's really high end. Do you work in the store? That's a big plus for you because you're a man. Can you have a small cute dog that will keep the girls in the store.

This may give you an idea of how to promote your products. I have a cousin who is a multi-millionaire in Hermosa Beach, CA. He has about 5 fireplace stores. But when he was young he and another guy used to sell lipstick on the beach or streetcorner. They were shirtless and would put samples of colors on their cheasts. They made alot of money. Of course that's not how he made his millions.

I have a feeling that working in this retail store isn't your life's dream John. What is your life's dream?

Side Note: Is Soapier Soap a franchise or is it your store? The name isn't the bet I've ever heard for a ladies products store.

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Melisa Sriwulandari said...

Hi John!
Thanks for leaving a comment at my blog.

I have a suggestion, how about not having any doors to the shop? I mean, like an open counter. Because the accumulated smell of all the soaps that are contained in a closed space can be a little too much for some people's noses (like my sensitive nose). Even though they are good smells. And it can/does turn people off.

And it seems that you still have to work on the image for your brand. There's this term called perceived value vs price. So you have to balance between the two and make people feel that they're paying for something worth the price. Esp for premium products that I perceive yours to be (not mass produced ordinary soap bars). Which means that you have to make it absolutely clear in the consumer's minds that your products are way above common soap ("handmade soaps are more luxurious/natural/beneficial/no chemicals added/make hands softer"). Or, you can position your products as "handmade soaps can be affordable too". Whichever you prefer. Depends on how price conscious your customers are too. Or you can make a survey on what features do people look for when they're buying soap (luxurious/natural/beneficial/no chemicals added/make hands softer/affordable) and focus on one that will make you stand out above other brands.

As for me personally, I'd buy handmade soaps that are more luxurious than common soap, as long as they're reasonably priced/affordable.

Anyway, I do get the same feeling as Chris too, that sitting in a shop all day long all week is not something that you want to do.

Sorry for the long comment, and I'm not a professional marketer, but I really just want to help. Giving you some insight from the consumer's point of view. (Based on what you've written of course, cos it's physically impossible for me to go to your shop. lol)

Lastly, I'm curious to see your shop, can you post some photos of it?

Best wishes and good luck!