Sunday, May 25, 2008

dream homes (part 1)

Ok, so the other day while ranting about zz-top and my neighbor, I had talked to my girl karen and she was down a bit, so I asked her to draw me her dream home. For fun, to get her mind off things.

So this is what she came up with.

Check that building out! Now if you haven't been to Manhattan, I can tell you pretty much where this apartment building is. It's just off the west side highway. The building is facing east... behind it is the Hudson River. The bike path runs all the way up the west side, it's AWESOME.

Dig it. Top floor, private roof deck.

Holy mother! A duplex. Rockin.

Let's see. Floor one looks killer. Nice balcony's... living room. A breakfast bar. Nice, and stools too, check it.

Karen's got this killer tv, it's huge (and heavy)... a guest room/office...

Second floor looks great too, with a roof deck and a huge shower and a tub and... a bidet? Or a person that lives in the bathroom...?

I'll have to ask her about that.

Well, that's awesome. That would be a great place to live in NYC.

I went a different route. I did the 'I want to live someplace isolated and cool'.

Check it out.


Have an apple. Swing on the swing set. Mr. Sun is always shining and smiling and keeping the weather at 72 degrees, more than 70% of the time!

That's me, playing with my death ray. Please don't step on the grass.

Lots of nice windows, a deck. Awesome.

Me on the swing set... seriously, off the grass, I can get to the death ray in under a minute. I timed it.

Apples, grass. A lake in the back. Driveway. Skylights for when I'm having sex, I can look outside and watch for falling stars or spy planes.

Awww yeah.

#1 - bathroom.
#2 - dining room - sits 6-8
#3 - THE awesome kitchen. New appliances, gas range, island in the middle there. Huge fridge, plenty of counter space.
#4 - two dvd/book shelves.
#5 - couches. Some pull out, some don't.
#6 - tables.
#7 - big screen tv.
A - a book - "men are from mars, women are from venus."
B - Kramer's coffee table book on coffee tables.

Where the action is!

#1 - the king sized bed. Extra springy.

Pshhh, get your mind out of the gutter. I have a bad back.

Ummm... stiffer beds are better for bad backs...


Uh huh...


#1 - the king sized bed. Extra stiff.


Moving on.

#2 - stairs to level 1.
#3 - walk in closet - extra space for shoes.
#4 - the piece de resistance. The bathroom.

First off, huge tub. Has to be huge. I'm 6'4" and I'm tired of having half my body stuck out of the hot water.

Second off... nevermind. Second. The killer shower. Karen was looking for something like this. I have to agree.

Finally... the basement.

Oh yeah, there's a basement.

#1 - pool table. Real sized, not midget bar tables.
#2 - pull out couch
#3 - X-Box 360 Live set up with Rock Band! Drums, two guitars, microphone, big screen tv.
#4 - art supply table
#5 - large canvases
#6 - computer table, comfy chair.

Now, since this is my dream home, and I can do whatever I want, so there, I want to be able to:

play pool with my cats.

See? He's winking!

Where is your dream home, anyway?


Nicole said...

So funny you wrote about this. Today me and the boyfriend were just discussing our dream homes..I just want to live somewhere big enough for all my great collections I have aquired(as he calls it, my shit), a nice yard, and far away from neighbors. As for you and your friends drawings I loved them, I really liked your telescope lol

Linda Nigro said...

Okay just wondering will you invite your mom to your dream home? Hmmmm would you be making apple pie for me?

roger said...

I love your dream home. Maybe you should also put a sex swing so you'll have something spicy under the skylights. ( wink.. wink... )