Tuesday, May 6, 2008

marketing part 2 (I think there was a part 1)

So, on top of trying to get the family soap business up and running... let me break this down for you, exactly what we're doing here.

1 - wholesale - First in Line Soap. We sell our products all over the country, and in resorts everywhere.

2 - retail - Soapier.com. This is the brand we're trying to get out there. It's tough. We're thinking of hiring a PR firm. Try to get in some magazines, some television shows, something to get the brand out there. It's such cool stuff!

3 - home party division - Soapier Spa Parties. This is the tough sell. Wholesale and PR will get the brand out, but I don't think people are just going to sign up for a home party division without having heard of the product or, at the very least, USE the product, so they can tote it's quality.

These are not easy things to promote, but they're not that hard either. We just have to be diligent and keep plugging away at markets we've never tried before, or have lost touch with or scratched the surface of.

It's tough, but no one here is giving up.

On top of the PR, we'll be expanding to affiliate networks. And postcard direct mailings and then we're going to make a big foam bar of soap costume and pay someone to walk around in the 100 degree weather (a prerequisite will be that they have their own medical insurance) to hand out flyers. People walking by will be given bottles of water to hose him down and make him all sudsy.

Fun. I think it has potential.


On a lighter note, I'm really enjoying keeping this blog. While I might get a bit off topic, like about music and movies and comedy clips and snakes and squirrels and stuff, I can't talk business all the time. So, with that, my mini-review of Iron Man.

It rocked!


Check out this site, The Four Word Film Review.

I used to write movie reviews for a semi-living and I found out a few things. People hate reviewers. Unless the reviewer is reading his/her own work.

A few months ago I read a blog where the guy reviewed Transformers and basically said that everyone who liked the movie was a moron.

See... it's this kind of movie review that gives actual, unbiased reviewers a bad name. The guy laments for paragraphs on how dumb the movie is, insulting people who enjoyed it, and blah blah.

Two things

One, the movie made money. And got bad reviews and all that. And is spawning a sequel.

Two. Dude, the movie came out last year! Don't you think it's a bit late to berate an audience that spoke up, bought tickets and (see One)?


Anyway. This is one of my all time favorite ways to say goodbye or sign off a post. I believe it's from White Jazz by James Ellroy.

See you in church.

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danielle c said...

Hey good luck with the business and I like the site.....:)