Friday, May 2, 2008

nice start to a day off

So, I was just throwing out my garbage, cause that's kind of what you do, you know, and I'm walking back, thinking of a really neat scene I can film here in Florida, and... well, I saw one of these outside my front door.

This isn't the actual snake, it moved too fast to get a picture, but it was about 3 feet in length, about an inch and a half thick at it's largest, and raised my heart rate about 100bpm.

I would never.


Ever never never ever ever ever.

Have this problem in NYC.

See what happens the rest of my day. Heard Sasquatch moved down here. I have wine, and brie and crackers. Spread the word.


K.C. said...

Just running through blogs and saw the snake on your blog. NICE... I can only imagine how you felt when you saw it... If you read my blog, you will know that I will have something to inspire me to run today :) KC

K.C. said...

Yeah, I closed my eyes when opening your page. The whole snake thing...

I don't know if you could tell from my blog, but it is all new to me, the blogging. Why a subscription? What would I do with it? I am completely open to suggestions.

This blog is helping me so much towards this goal of mine. I obviously can't go into all the financial specifics on the blog, just because I don't want to get into all of that. But,it is forcing me to be accountable. It has been amazing to experience. I don't know how to explain that.

I really had always heard that writing things down would do that. I write down little bits and peices of the financial end of it, but it is the mental end that I want to put in the blog more than anything, and the other ways that I am growing. Does any of that make any sense? OK, I went on a little tangent there.

So, to my question... why the subscription?

AmyOops said...

thats why I moved out of fl. dont regret it.