Monday, May 19, 2008

My first trip to NYC!



First off, the flight was wonderful. I was sandwiched between hard plastic and a woman who not only wouldn't give me the time of day, but also stank to high heaven with some kind of non-douche douche thingy... that she put everywhere on her body.

To each his own. If I were a woman, and she was young, not old, and felt the need to smell like flowery vinegar all day... I'd see a head doctor.

Got to NY and took the air train to the subway to Karen's apartment where I collapsed from exhaustion three hours later. You don't get to ask.

Woke up and... christ, we... had breakfast! Yeah. Then we took a... boy Friday sure is foggy. I wish I would have brought a camera to remember all the things we did Friday.

I got a hair cut. We had lunch at Cozy Shack on Broadway and Astor Place... saw Iron Man and then had dinner at Le Jardin Bistro... one of my three favorite places to eat in NYC.

Then we went back to her place and tried to watch 3 different movies. Death at a Funeral. The Darjeeling Limited. Bound.

Hell if we couldn't get through a goddamn one of them.

Saturday. I decided to take a bit of time for myself, and familiarize myself with myself.

I mean the city.

So, I went and bought one of these (I've sold six pints of blood between April and May, I deserved it) Canon SD1000 PowerShots.

And I say godDAMN what a camera. Check this out.

Lots of photos coming, be patient.

That's the view outside one window of Karen's apartment.

She can see the Statue of Liberty, too. Pretty neat.

Check out the pseudo Cingular ad happening here. Ridiculous.

Karen's building. It's pretty damn tall... she's on like the 40th floor... it's nuts.

Here are just some random photos, no commentary.

Who knew there were so many buildings in NYC?

This is Chinatown on the weekends. A zoo. Ridiculous to even go there, let alone shop.

Took this shot and almost got run over. Nice. It's such a crappy photo too... imagine that death notice.

"John Painz, survived by his mother and sister, was killed shooting a tourist shot whilst not a tourist... the photo was completely unremarkable and John will be up for a Darwin Award this year. Donations can go to the I'm With Stupid fund."

Left her apartment and the first thing I did...

Look at that relish!

Ok, I have other photos, but they're for later. I'm tired of typing and cutting and pasting. I have Buffy episodes to watch and time to kill.

More later.


*edit - check out part 2!


Lucy said...

Great pics! That relish looks gross lol. There's some great views from the apartment. Now I want to visit NYC.

Anonymous said...

love love love this.
the pictures, implying you might never leave the apt. cracked me up.

i found you through blog catalog. I'm bloglining, digging, redditing etc. so I'll be back for sure.

thanks for sharing. happy shopping and writing