Tuesday, May 13, 2008

is there anybody out there...

Seriously, is anyone reading this thing? On a daily basis? Leave a comment, make me your friend off blogcatalog.com or mybloglog.

Had an article mention me here. Pretty neat. About the present state of movies and scripts and capitalism.

Let's see. Getting some samples out to some review blog websites. Kind of exciting. If you know of a website that does reviews, so we can get the Soapier word out email me.

I swear if I get one more person that comes to the door, looks in, sniffs, wrinkles their nose and makes some snide remark...

Unreal. You want to look? No problem. You don't want to come in? No problem. Is it possible to shut your mouth for two minutes? Does the rest of the world need the running commentary?

I've tried very hard in my life to listen more than speak. Sometimes I can handle it, sometimes I put my foot in my mouth.

Foot in my... wait a second.

Anyway. What else? Let's give you guys a few really cool sites to go visit, let's do that today, shall we?

First, if I hear Volare one more time...

:) Sorry...

Tales of my aching feet - Nicole, resident waitress blogger, talks about her experience in the food industry. Some funny stuff, and reading it will give you a better perspective on how to treat your servers!

Amy Oops - A great humor blog. She's got a great sense for what's funny... I'm kind of going in circles here, but still, great stuff, check it out. It's funn... ah, you get the point.

Ominous Comma - Another humor blog, this guy has some neat contests and just plain fun.

And, of course, my brother-in-arms from another country, Retail Hell. They want me to contribute... of course I said yes.

Hang in there folks, it's... SHIT. It's Tuesday?


Melisa Sriwulandari said...

I have yours in my Google reader. Cos I like your sense of humor. :)

Jackie H said...

I wanted to open a retail store but your making me think twice! I have an online only shop. Like your blog. Very funny.