Saturday, May 10, 2008

garage sales for ebay

Well, my mom wanted to head out today and hang out together, do some shopping at garage sales and see if there was something we could put up on ebay. We came up with a couple of things, which is cool, but goddamn!

It is almost 90 here in Palm Harbor, Florida. It's 65 in NYC.

I hate this place.

After working 6 days in a row at the retail shop (no, I haven't started cutting myself just to feel), I finally got two days off. I'm exhausted, but not in a bad way. Woke up this morning at 7:10am and started screaming in my head to the special special part of my brain that regulates sleep. I screamed:


I hate that part of my brain, because it's obviously deaf and blind.

Ever hear a song and you're in a crowded space and you can't really hear the lyrics that well but the song has really got a good beat and sounds, well, awesome?

I had this happen and for three weeks now I had "Baby I'm the bomb" in my head. I googled it, I limewired it, I prayed to the tiny gods of misheard lyrics.

Nothing. Well, today, just minutes ago, I said "let's switch those lyrics up a bit."

And viola:


Enjoy your Saturday, folks. Those of you in retail hell, my sincerest condolences. I will be re-joining your ranks soon enough.


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