Friday, May 9, 2008

thinking of hiring a PR person

Recently, my mom, sister and I sat down and had a meeting about hiring a PR person to help us spread the word of Soapier.

"And I looked and I saw that it was good."

So... what to do, what to do.

It's hard when you're on a tight budget and you're trying to get the word out.

We've received word from two different PR firms. Just got to compare and see what's what, go from there. But since we have no real experience with this kind of thing, we're still in the flailing about mode.

It's probably going to boil down to making a decision, sticking with it and seeing how we can get the best out of the money we're spending.

I'm hoping that I can work this blog and our new blog, Soapier's Blog into some much needed traffic to the site, spread the word, get some affiliates. Working on it.

Between Wednesday and today I had four customers. Seriously, we're going to post a suicide watch camera in the store so my mom knows I'm still alive when she comes to pick me up.

Ohhhhhhhh. That needs some explaining.

I touched on this, but refreshers are always good.

I moved here from NYC, where I had lived since college. Never, not once, needed a car. Karen, my girl, says I should get my license, at least, and I agree... just have to get out there and do it. But it's tough, you know. We all work so hard and my days off are spent detoxing and sleeping and relaxing and other 'ings that calm me down before I have to end up back at the pit of despair.

More later, dear readers. Enjoy your weekend.

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