Thursday, May 15, 2008

this makes me sick

This is a video having to do with a 16 year old girl who talks about being raped. It was on Hard to watch.

So she goes through this awful thing and then, on top of it all, has to deal with some of the comments posted on youtube, calling her a slut and that she probably asked for it...

In what fucking world do we live in here? Decency is, what... a thing of the past?

It's really sad.

I have letters in to:

Charlie Crist, Governor of Florida

Jeff Kottkamp, Lt. Governor of Florida

Bill McCollum, Attorney General of Florida

Bill Nelson, Senator

Mel Martinez, Senator


I hope your respective offices are looking into the allegations of Crystal and her youtube video.

It's disgusting in this day and age that people have to turn to public forums to get the help they need. A 16 year old girl should not have to publicize her pain and get it on CNN for her to get proper help.

The case is quite ambiguous, and there are many questions that need answering, but if the allegations of neglect and improper conduct on the part of the Orange County Attorney's Office are true, something has to be done.

Isn't anyone concerned about the legal loopholes that permeate the fabric of this country, that leaves victims behind, with no recourse?

Selective prosecution is a joke, and it's high time that we started looking at what was right, rather than what path is easiest so we can leave the office and get home to watch television.

You are all public figures. I expect you all to get involved and get to the bottom of this case.

John Painz


If this was my daughter, I'd be in jail already. The guy would be in a million pieces.

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SSB said...

This goes beyond sick.