Friday, May 23, 2008

a quick break

Working at our manufacturing facility today. Making sugar scrubs and body butters and putting labels on all the stuff and I had to sit down and say hello to all of you good people.

A quick retail hell(ish) story, though, too.

Yesterday I was at the store for 8 hours, working, watching Buffy, being bored... blah.

Don't judge me on the Buffy thing. If I can get past a few hours with that stuff, so be it.

I'm there and two women come in and they're on vacation and they are video taping coming to the store.

Then they video tape asking me for a sugar scrub hand spa treatment.

Then they ooh and ahh as I give them the hand spa treatment.

Then they say "oh my god, my hands feel so great, smell them! Oh god, I love this."

Then they go around the store and smell soaps and video tape them and say "Oh my god, these are so cute, they smell awesome!"

Then they leave.

Unreal. It's UNREAL.

This video is going to take you out of this post, cause it's funny and I remember first seeing it many years ago, when I went to the movies with my dad and sister.

Hang in there folks.


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